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Scholarships and Student Support

Thanks to generous donors, Cal Poly offers more than 650 scholarships. The university scholarships support Cal Poly's mission to attract and retain the most promising students - including those who would not be able to pursue a degree without financial assistance. 

As tuition costs rise across the nation, Cal Poly is committed to developing scholarships and financial awards that support and honor the best and the brightest students. Scholarships not only provide financial support for our students' education, they are an investment in our students' future. Your contribution today will benefit students' for many years to come.

Roughly 46 percent of Cal Poly students receive some form of financial aid
Those students will graduate with an average loan debt of more than $16,000.  At Cal Poly, a typical financial aid package consists of a student grant, a student loan, work-study, and/or income from a part-time job as well as an expected family contribution. 

Scholarships provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of attending Cal Poly. Scholarships range from $300 to a fully funded education (currently $24,360) and are dispersed to students in equal payments over three academic quarters. Scholarships are granted to students based on financial need, merit, or a combination of both, as well as activities/honors, community service and employment. Some scholarships may be renewed on an annual basis if the student remains in good academic standing and continues to meet scholarship eligibility requirements. Scholarships may be funded through annual giving or by establishing an endowment. 

Awards recognize students for their excellence or accomplishments in a specific area during the academic year. Typically awards are smaller financial increments, with a maximum award amount of $300. Like scholarships, awards may be funded through an annual or endowed gift. Colleges/departments select award recipients during the spring quarter. 

For more information on supporting students at Cal Poly, call 805-756-7466.
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