By establishing or supporting a scholarship, you have the chance to affect transformational change in the life of a student, and sometimes, the trajectory of entire families – for generations to come.

Without your support, some students may not have the opportunity to attend college or may be so burdened with financial obligations that they can't fully immerse themselves in our Learn by Doing tradition.

Your scholarship donation also helps Cal Poly attract the best and brightest minds through merit-based awards to the top students in the nation.

Your donation can fund a scholarship or help maintain an existing scholarship. It can be used to support a universitywide initiative, or a specific college, department or area of interest. Scholarships can support tuition, room and board, or funding for housing, food, books, living expenses, study abroad, service-learning projects, and research or internships.

Donors have the opportunity to meet the students they support and hear about the impact that the scholarship has had on the student's life.

Inherent in every contribution, large or small, are the seeds of change, growth, purpose, accomplishment and celebration.

We invite you to change the lives of our students by donating today.

For more information about scholarship giving, please contact the Advancement Scholarship Office at 805-756-7466.

For more regarding the selection process, please refer to the Financial Aid Office website or call 805-756-2927.

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