Collage of CAED students working in labs on campus.

The College of Engineering

Cal Poly's world-renowned College of Engineering is a major provider of engineers and leaders for our national economy. Our Learn by Doing, polytechnic program emphasizes a hands-on education, which has proven extremely successful in producing engineers for industry and graduate degree programs.

How can your gift help?

  • Private support helps us maintain Learn by Doing and Cal Poly’s hands-on niche in engineering education.
  • Support helps us keep pace with innovations and changes in technology. It ensures that we can launch new, cutting-edge initiatives, such as cybersecurity or applications in autonomous flight.
  • Scholarships help us attract the highest achieving engineering students. Earn by Doing funds also allow us to retain outstanding students by offering on-campus jobs that align with students’ professional goals.
  • Private funds help us support the Teacher-Scholar model, whereby our exceptional faculty members undertake applied research hand-in-hand with undergraduate and graduate students.

Where might your gift be used?

  • Engineering Lab Support: Private gifts help provide state-of-the-art laboratories and ensure that every student has access to the technology and equipment needed to perform hands-on design, build and test sequences.
  • Engineering Student Project Support: At Cal Poly, students and faculty work together on collaborative projects that provide real-world experience. Private support helps ensure that every student can undertake a project that sparks his or her imagination, provides the best learning experience possible and lays the groundwork for a successful career.
  • Engineering Club Support: Cal Poly engineering students are involved with more than 50 award-winning clubs. Despite the immense academic value of co-curricular activities, students must often pay out-of-pocket for expenses. Engineering club support provides funds for project materials and travel to competitions, conferences and project sites.

To learn about how our engineering students are making a difference or for more information on how you can help us advance engineering education, visit Cal Poly Engineering website.

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