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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make gifts by mail? 

You can send a gift through the mail by printing out the mail-in giving form (PDF).

Gifts to Cal Poly programs are made through the Cal Poly Foundation. The Cal Poly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that manages private funds to advance Cal Poly's mission.

Mailing Address

Please make checks payable to The Cal Poly Foundation and mail to:

Cal Poly Development Support Services

1 Grand Avenue

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0443

Tax ID Number

The Foundation's legal/corporate name is The California Polytechnic State University Foundation and its federal tax identification number is 20-4927897.

Can I make a gift online?

Yes. One of the easiest fastest way to give is through our secure online giving site. The site allows donors to select the fund, college or entity to which they would like to donate. 

 give online now

Can I make a gift of stock?

Yes, gifts of appreciated securities are an excellent way to support the university. You may find gift instructions, including Cal Poly's broker and campus contact information, here.

We are happy to discuss the opportunity of accepting privately held stock with you (C Corporation or S Corporation). Please review our instructions and contact our Office of Gift Planning at 805-756-7125.

For more information on making a gift of appreciated securities, visit our Planned Giving site.

Can I make a gift via wire transfer?

Yes, making a gift via wire transfer is a simple process. Simply download the Wire Transfer Information Sheet below and follow the instructions.

Download Wire Transfer Information Sheet

Will my employer match my gift?

Your employer may provide a matching gift with your donation -- more than 13,000 employers do. Through matching gift programs, you can double or triple the value of your gift at no cost to yourself. In addition to matching charitable donations of their employees, some companies will also match donations made by spouses, retirees, and even members of their corporate board of directors.

Is there a gift fee associated with my donation?

Yes. Beginning July 1, 2022, all new gifts and pledge payments to Cal Poly will be subject to a one-time 5% administrative fee to help provide essential support to Cal Poly's overall operations.

If Cal Poly is named in my will, do I need to notify anyone?

You are not required to tell Cal Poly about your intent to leave a bequest. However, it is helpful for the university's planning purposes to be aware of future gifts. The Office of Gift Planning can be your resource to ensure a bequest gift is worded to be most useful in the future. See our sample bequest language and visit the Planned Giving site for more detailed information.

After I have included Cal Poly in my will, can I change it?

Absolutely. A bequest intention is considered a "revocable gift," meaning it can be modified as often as you wish to suit your circumstances and charitable priorities.

Do I decide how my gift will be used?

As with every gift made to Cal Poly, it is you, the donor, who decides how it will be put to use. You are able to designate your gift to support any college, department or program, student scholarship, faculty support, or anything else you are passionate about at Cal Poly. If interested, we can prepare a gift agreement to memorialize your wishes so we can manage the funds as you wish when received.

Are my gifts deductible — and what Is Cal Poly's tax ID number?

The California Polytechnic State University Foundation qualifies as a public charitable organization and meets the requirements of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Gifts to Cal Poly are deductible at the highest limits allowed for federal income or estate tax purposes.

Its federal tax identification number is 20-4927897.

Download a copy of Cal Poly's IRS determination letter (PDF)

Will I receive a tax receipt letter for my gift?

Online gifts are emailed an immediate e-receipt when the gift is made.  In addition, a receipt is displayed on your screen that can be printed or saved.  Receipts for online gifts are not sent in the mail. Receipts are mailed for all other types of transaction.

Can Cal Poly give me tax advice?

Cal Poly is always willing to provide information about the various gift vehicles that may be appropriate for you. We recommend that you have your own advisors and tax professionals, who know your circumstances, answer your tax questions. Cal Poly staff can consult with your advisors directly if you wish.