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College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Council Celebrates Poly Gives with Matching Gift

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The alumni members of the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) are celebrating Poly Gives in a big way this year, pooling their resources to contribute a total of $15,000 in matching gift funds for the college.

“It seems daunting sometimes to do something impactful individually, but collectively, it’s such an honor to be able to pull resources together and make a difference,” said Sarah Khan (English, ’98). “I hope that my fellow alumni know that there are many ways to contribute, and whatever the amount - their gift counts,” she added.

The ten members of the DAC are funding a $10,000 dollar for dollar match to the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Excellence Fund and $5,000 in prize money for the “Dean’s Challenge,” rewarding the department with the highest number of individual donors, no matter the amount.

“I’m excited to partner with our fellow DAC members to make this matching gift,” said DAC and Cal Poly Foundation Board member Christopher Trapani (Political Science, ’90).

“We hope to inspire others to do the same and that it will make a positive impact.”

The goal for the council, which includes Trapani, Khan, and Samantha Schneider (Speech Communication,'98), Laura P. Diaz (English, '94), Junior Tauvaa (Political Science, '96), James W. apRoberts (Art and Design, ’02), Melissa S. Figueroa (Journalism, ‘02), John Hinton (Speech Communication, ’96), Howard A. Lim (Art and Design, ’89) and Daniel L. Rivoire (Philosophy, ’07) is to promote giving back - at whatever level – to fellow alumni in the College of Liberal Arts.

Last year, the College of Liberal Arts came in second to the College of Engineering in total number of individual donors during Poly Gives weekend, thanks in large part to the college’s Dean’s Challenge. With an increased amount of prize money allocated to the challenge this year and the addition of a matching gift – the DAC members hope to encourage high alumni participation rates in 2024.

“I’ve learned that by giving back, my life is enriched in countless ways. I also feel strongly about contributing specifically to Cal Poly, because of my experiences there and I hope to pass this along to students who will someday be carrying the torch in our local communities,” said Trapani.

Trapani also had some advice for recent graduates, ahead of Poly Gives Weekend, April 11-13.

“I know it’s difficult to consider giving when you’re starting out in a career,” he said.  “Remember that a little given by many supporters adds up to a great deal, so you can have an impact.”

The DAC, whose purpose is to support the dean’s vision for college-level goals and initiatives hope that by coming together to help raise funds for student success, they can also promote giving back in other ways – through volunteering, mentoring and otherwise being engaged with the College of Liberal Arts.

“I've been a member of the DAC for several years now, and really love the work we do and the relationships we've developed with each other,” said Khan. “I'd love for anyone who may be interested to connect with a member of the DAC to learn more about it, talk about ways they might be able to support the CLA, and maybe take a big or small step to join us!”

Poly Gives is happening April 11-13. Make sure to take advantage of the DAC’s matching gift campaign and to represent your favorite department in the Dean’s Challenge!

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